7 Reasons You May Have a Slow Metabolism

If you are finding yourself struggling to lose weight even while “eating clean” you might want to consider some possible culprits. 

1. Not eating enough food
When there are not enough calories coming in, the body saves energy by slowing down the metabolism. This is a built-in survival response by the body. The body goes into protective "emergency mode" in other words.

2. Poor liver detoxification

Your liver is your biggest fat burning organ. If its “trashy” due to your diet and incoming toxins in going to be a rough ride for your metabolism.

3. Nutritional deficiencies

Poor gut health contributes to the malabsorption of nutrients. If you have spent years eating processed foods, taking meds and yo yo dieting this is a definite consideration.

4. Inflammation

Food sensitivities, food allergies, polyunsaturated fats, (vegetable oils) are common causes of inflammation. When the body is inflamed it enters into a “fat trap’ making it hard to lose weight.

5. Poor digestion

Weak digestion down regulates the appetite often due to bloating and constipation.

6. Hormonal imbalance

Out of balance hormones affect the thyroid (the gas petal for your metabolism).

7. Stress

 The stress hormone cortisol causes all kinds of metabolic slowdowns.

What can you do about it?

Science is pouring in on the seven things above and there effect on your metabolism and fat loss. Clean eating, exercise and counting calories is not the answer for most people, especially after age 40.  Eating high nutrient density foods, healing the gut( with bone broth, probiotics, fermented foods etc.), detoxifying the body, managing stress and removing suspected food allergens and sensitivities are all key to rehabilitating the metabolism and maintaining a healthy, youthful body.