Why Your Diet Isn't Working

When I studied nutrition, health, and wellness and how it relates to weight loss and longevity, the one thing I am so very convinced of is the the fact that there is no one diet that works for everyone.
This is called bio-individuality.  One man’s food is another man’s poison. Let me explain.

 We are continually bombarded with differing nutrition and dietary advice. Nutrition is a crazy science. It’s the only field where people can prove apposing theories and still be accurate. The reality is that our genetics, metabolic rates, body shapes, and personal taste dictates what diet actually works for us and what keeps us lean, healthy, mentally sharp, and full of energy. If you are eating according to the latest fad diet or what's working for someone else and you personally are not seeing results or just feel rotten, there is probably good reason.

That being said, there are some basic principles that everyone needs to embrace such as avoiding sugar, eating more fruits and vegetables, and avoiding processed and chemically laden foods. Beyond that, we do have differences. Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw foods, dairy free, gluten free, zone diet… the list of dietary choices goes on. I know vegetarians who could never seem to succeed in weight loss and as soon as they switched to eating a little animal protein they lost the weight and felt much better.  I also know people who feel like a million bucks eating vegan and have a tons of energy. Think about the different diets in Asian countries as opposed to Scandinavian countries. Ask most Asians to go grain free Paleo and see how far that will get you.  Are you with me? Of course they love their rice and they have stayed quite lean on it for centuries. Again, this is part of bio-indiviuality.

Let me put this simply: following a diet that was designed for someone else will set you up for failure. You will be hungry, lack energy, be mentally fogged up and will struggle to lose the weight you need to.  And let me throw this in: if you are eating food that you might be even slightly allergic to, this can also slow down fat burning in the body and you will always feel a bit “off”. So, enough dietary insanity (doing the same diet over and over and expecting different results). It might be time for a change.