My Secrets to Luscious Locks for Women and Men over 40

Remember the "big hair" days of the 80's? No, I don't want my hair quite that big but I do want some of the thickness and resilience of that hair.

Here are the things I have discovered that have made a huge improvement in the quality of my hair:

  1. High nutrient density foods and a healthy lifestyle is a "must" if you want beautiful hair. Your nutrition is crucial. You cannot skip over this fact if you want great locks!

  2. Collagen protein. This is my absolute favorite supplement for hair growth. I never go without it.

  3. Coconut oil. I smother this on my hair once a week for at least 2 hours prior to washing. Your hair will be luxurious.

  4. Carrot juice. The beta carotene in carrot juice and other vitamins promote blood flow, which help stimulate hair growth. And here is more good news... If it's great for hair growth, it means it's great for hair loss too!

  5. Sleep. This whole "beauty sleep" thing cannot be overemphasized. Sleep plays an important role in allowing the body to repair and regenerate and hair growth is included. Get plenty of sleep and manage stress for healthy, happy locks.

Trish TerryComment